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Security & Compliance solutions

At Nymphaea Group,

we know what security and compliance means. We offer a 360° solutions on security & compliance. We understand the incredible challenges to drive data & business today, and security can only be the first priority to business of any size. Because not taking the right countermeasures, means putting an enterprise completely at risk. And not only one: risk of theft of private and confidential data, risk of losing the value of your business, financial risk, risk of reputation, risk of dealing with fatal legal actions. Nowdays where daily you get news about cyber attacks of any genre (DDoS, Ramsomware, Virus, CryptoLocker, APT, KeyLoggers, etc.), still most of the business still doesn’t understand the real value of their data, and the sensitiveness of the process to be putted in place. Too many times your data is under the control of unskilled resources, without the right know-how and tools. Data is the value of an enterprise. Losing control of it, for most of the business would mean a dramatic finance and reputation lost, causing in some cases also the bankruptcy.


At Nymphaea we are here to analyze every security & compliance aspect of your environment. We have  solutions on any domain: SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Detection, insecure code verification, e-commerce security and compliance assessment, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, APT Prevention, DDoS countermeasures, and many others. We own decades of expertise in different domains of the security and compliance, having got experiences in the perimetral security, traffic security, application security, web & cloud security, change management and process management in relation to security & compliance. We own certifications and expertise on PCI-DSS, ISO27xxx, FINMA, SSA16; we use methodologies and standard Best Practices like ITIL, Cobit, Basel 2, ISO20xxxx. We offer a set of flexible and scalable solutions, in alignment with your security and compliance requirements and needs. We are available for address the demands for a wide range of security and privacy requests, from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), ISO27xxx, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), guard against insider abuse, and we can control data stored internally as well as externally. We offer solutions to verify on-premises and off-premises environments. With us, the word “cloud” would never mean “lose of control and security”. Our solutions have been packed up to give control of every aspect to you, the client.

We offer classic solution as well as Managed Security Services: if you don’t own the right skill or you don’t have enough resources, don’t worry: we can provide you everything: from the tool to the resources as well as a 24/7  service. You choose, we run. We all win.

Feel free to contact us for a basic free assessment of your environment!

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