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Automated Mitigation of the Largest and Smartest DDoS Attacks

We secure websites against the largest and smartest types of DDoS attacks – including network, protocol and application level (Layers 3, 4 & 7) attacks – with minimal business disruption. Our cloud-based service keeps online businesses up and running at high performance levels even under attack, avoiding financial losses and serious reputation damage. Incapsula’s service is built to handle the largest volume-based attacks, such as SYN flood and DNS amplifications, and also mitigates sophisticated application layer attacks by implementing advanced and progressive challenge mechanisms. The service automatically and transparently mitigates DDoS attacks with minimum false positives, so that site visitors won’t know that the site is under attack. Incapsula’s DDoS. Protection service includes real-time dashboards to monitor & analyze attacks as they happen and features a dedicated 24/7 NOC, manned by our experienced security experts, in order to ensure enterprise-grade uptime SLA when under attack.


Comprehensive Protection Against Any Type of DDoS Attack

Incapsula protects your website against all types of DDoS threats, including network-based attacks, like Sloworis, ICMP or TCP & UDP floods, and application-level attacks such as GET flood, that attempt to overwhelm server resources. The service detects and mitigates advanced attacks that exploit applications, web server, and DNS server vulnerabilities, hit-and-run attacks and large botnet threats.

Why securing with Incapsula DDoS protection?

  • Automatic always-on detection & triggering of “under attack” mode
  • Zero business disruption based on transparent mitigation with minimum false positives
  • End-to-end protection against the largest and smartest DDoS attacks
  • Activated by simple DNS change – no hardware or software installation, Incapsula’s integration or changes to the website

Not only DDoS Protection

With Incapsula, you get also CDN and you can also get WAF and Load Balancing / Failover services to completely secure and provide high availability to your web services.


Nymphaea DDoS Protection includes:

  • Powerful backbone across globally distributed data centers
  • Specialized support of massive SYN flood, DNS targeted, and DNS amplificiation attacks
  • Advanced algorithms which mitigate sophisticated application layer attacks
  • Real-Time dashboards to monitor and analyze attacks as they happen
  • Dedicated 24/7 NOC for enterprise-grade uptime
  • Support for anycast, unicast and hybrid routing techniques for effective DDoS mitigation.
  • Infrastructure Protection enables protection for entire subnets from network layer attacks