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Nymphaea Group is an official Swiss legal registered company. We are a managed security company and a software house. We provide security and privacy solutions and we develop innovative systems. We optimize infrastructures & processes.

We cover all domains of enterprise security; we analyze IT processes and infrastructure and we deliver best in class solutions. We rely on the best tools and people, in order to achieve maximum results.


We understand that our clients are unique, and we must be unique as well to establish a long-term win-win situation. We give the right arm to protect your data, core processes and your key resources. Your value is continuously under our umbrella of competence and experience.

Key Differentiators

  • Focus on value & uniqueness
  • Innovative solutions
  • Right people – best solutions
  • Complex and structured solutions – but easy understanding and control
  • Experience and competence
  • Tailored approach
  • Scalability, flexibility

Our primary goal is keeping our skills always up-to-date. We give particular attention to the level of expertise of our team; we never position something where we do not have the right competence and experience

Where We Are :

Nymphaea Group Sagl
Via Molinazzo, 2 – 6900
Phone : +41445867778